Phoenix, AZ – January 2021, TapRoot Interventions & Solutions, Inc, (“TapRoot”) a Phoenix-based startup, has been awarded a $25,000 EMERGEAZ Fast Grant. In partnership with the Governor’s Office, invisionAZ and StartupAZ are working to support Arizona startups as they navigate and accelerate through the COVID-19 pandemic with the EmergeAZ Fast Grant. EmergeAZ is focused on supporting local entrepreneurs that are helping to build our economy and expand Arizona’s tech ecosystem.  Grant amounts range from $10,000 to $50,000 and TapRoot was one of the Arizona startups chosen from more than 150 applications. 

TapRoot’s mission is to launch the first person-centered validated AI model for families and in-home caregivers. Currently, TapRoot is focused on long-term care communities putting personalized on-demand information in the hands of caregivers, increasing their engagement and support population healthcare management principles. 

Co-founders Scarlett Spring and Linda Buscemi, PhD, started the company to provide automated tools for caregivers in an industry that relays on manual processes. TapRoot’s digital assistant, Ella, delivers personalized on-demand care approaches to provide better care for persons living in long-term care communities. 

About invisionAZ

InvisionAZ will accelerate the growth of Arizona’s vibrant tech ecosystem by creating, promoting, and leading the framework that allows tech, innovation, and investment to flourish. The blueprint of invisionAZ was developed based on the response from leading tech experts at the 2017 AZ Tech Innovation Summit. To support a vibrant innovation ecosystem, invisionAZ provides the foundation for significant capital formation, creates an ecosystem to support innovation and growth, and develops a culture and regulatory environment that is attractive to entrepreneurs.

About StartupAZ

StartupAZ exists to help Arizona’s most innovative startup companies improve their leadership, performance, and connections, while inspiring generosity and philanthropy within their communities. We thrive on empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, helping them grow, give back and positively impact Arizona. 

About TapRoot Interventions & Solutions, Inc.

TapRoot has developed Ella, the revolutionary AI-powered digital assistant that is helping long-term care communities to improve care for cognitively impaired individuals with a behavioral approach. TapRoot’s mission is to launch the first person-centered validated AI model for families and in-home caregivers. Ella support population healthcare management principles and enables real-time ROI and outcome measures for administrators while supporting documentation and billing for network providers. 

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