Ella for Organizations

How Ella can impact your organization

Ella gives your caregivers the tools and suggested approaches they need to meet your residents’/clients’ needs while providing outcomes that are important to your organization.

When behavioral reactions are prevented or reduced due to Ella’s suggested approaches:

  • Caregivers’ productivity, satisfaction and engagement is improved
  • New staff members come up to speed quickly
  • Information exchange during shift changes is seamless
  • Allows for flexibility by management to adjust caregiver assignement
  • Caregivers are motivated to improve and participate in the Ella Academy training program
  • Reduce transfers to ER and higher levels of care

With the easy-to-use Ella platform, organizations can track outcome measures and have complete control to:

  • Collect data that supports value-based care, risk-sharing agreements and improved quality management decision-making
  • Engage family members and keep them involved in the care plan
  • Incorporate an audit component to ensure quality and compliance standards are being met
  • Evaluate and quantify evidence-based practices
  • Reduce psychotropic medications
  • Integrate with popular EMRs for improved continuity of care and documentation

Want to improve care for your dementia residents/clients?