Press Release

November 28, 2022

TapRoot Interventions & Solutions, Inc (TapRoot) is partnering with psychiatric and behavioral health provider group Peace of Mind Consultants (POMC) in Arizona to provide Ella® to their patients and business partners. Ella is a digital careplan platform that provides  interventions to prevent, decrease, and de-escalate dementia-related and mental illness-related behavioral symptoms known to occur in  Long Term Care communities. POMC will use Ella to garner key insights from caregiver feedback in order to tailor patient-specific treatment plans and determine appropriate use of medications. The value of the partnership is a provider service model coupled with a caregiver platform to assess, evaluate, and provide outcome measures to improve overall resident care.

POMC has over 700 patients in over 20 facilities throughout the state of Arizona.  They are launching Ella immediately in two of their communities which manage dementia and “behavioral care” residents equaling about 100 residents. POMC and TapRoot will work together to on-board their residents over the next couple of months.

“When caring for older adults who have varying degrees of cognitive loss and behavioral challenges, receiving detailed, timely, and comprehensive feedback from caregivers closest to the patient is key information to providing the highest quality care.  I’m excited to be partnering with TapRoot because their platform, Ella, does just that,” States Quentin Shambley, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and CEO of POMC.

“Peace of Mind Consultants gets it. They want to personalize care by obtaining needed documentation and presently lacking data to better understand the patients’ behavioral symptoms. Ella provides a more precise and accurate way of treating their patients” says CCO/CO-Founder Linda Buscemi, PhD. “We focus on the person, their reactions, and how we, as the care team, may inadvertently be a contributing trigger to the reaction. We must get the care team this information faster and more conveniently to prevent and reduce such reactions and escalation events” continues Buscemi.

TapRoot is now serving communities in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and soon to be California and Georgia.

About Peace of Mind Consultants

Peace of Mind Consultants (POMC) provides mobile integrated psychiatric services to various Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and Skilled Rehabilitation facilities in the Greater Phoenix Valley.  Understanding that mental health is vital to healthy living, POMC provides optimal integrated behavioral health and medical care to those who suffer from illnesses which challenge their quality of life.

POMC has developed an expertise and passion towards serving individuals’ unique psychiatric needs in a manner which is safe, research, and evidence-based, culturally competent, and resiliency focused. “Partnering with TapRoot was a no brainer. Our philosophies are aligned and the use of Ella to obtain  more robust documentation from care partners about our patients will only help us do our job even better!” Says CEO/Founder of POMC Quentin Shambley. He further states, “We are starting in two of our secured dementia and behavioral care communities  which accept the most complex and high acuity psychiatric patients. Our focus will   be assisting those in the most challenging circumstances achieve symptom management and reduction by using Ella’s non- pharmacological platform. In partnership with TapRoot, we will  use Ella to facilitate on-demand communication to the psychiatric and behavioral care team equipping them with more detail  than they have ever had available to treat”.

About TapRoot Interventions & Solutions Inc

TapRoot, creators of digital assistant Ella®, is the first personalized care management platform designed especially for caregivers of persons with cognitive deficits. Ella elevates the caregiver with evidenced-based behavioral approaches to mitigate behavioral expressions of persons with dementia and mental illness. Ella supports population health management principles and enables outcome measures for long-term care operators and payers.


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