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Phoenix, Az, April 12, 2024–The Arbor Company launched a pilot in January 2024 introducing TapRoot’s Ella®, an innovative digital tool that provides interventions and solutions for care partners of people living with dementia and other neurocognitive disorders. The program has launched in two Arbor communities: Arbor Terrace Mount Laurel in New Jersey, and Arbor Terrace Citrus Park in Florida. Ella, a first-in-class, validated behavioral database, has been seamlessly integrated into the Memory Care neighborhoods, supporting the delivery of exceptional memory care for nearly 60 caregivers across both communities.

TapRoot’s Ella is a caregiver assistant application that care partners can easily access using a mobile phone or tablet device. It provides suggestions on person-centered, non-pharmacological interventions and approaches for over 60 different “reactions” (commonly known as behaviors). These reactions, such as resisting help with daily activities are common caregiving challenges. With Ella, these reactions are understood as natural responses to potential stressors or misunderstandings in the environment, aligning with TapRoot’s philosophy of delivering empathetic, personalized care.

The application also features a comprehensive library of training materials for caregivers. A unique link is provided to families to input data such as personal history, traumas, and medical background. This information allows Ella to tailor interventions and approaches for each individual. Care partners can reference Ella for fast and practical guidance on managing specific challenges, receiving a curated list of two to four suggested interventions to assist them with these dementia-related reactions.

The Arbor Terrace pilot aims to validate Ella’s role in decreasing reliance on psychotropic medications, lessening the frequency and severity of dementia-related reactions, and offering tailored interventions and approaches to reduce behavioral episodes through improved approach planning.

About Taproot Interventions & Solutions:

TapRoot Interventions & Solutions created digital assistant, Ella®, the first personalized care management platform designed especially for caregivers of persons with cognitive deficits. Ella elevates the caregiver with field-tested approaches to mitigate behavioral expressions of persons with dementia-related diseases. Future applications will include mental illness, autism, and other cognitive deficits. Ella supports population health management principles and enables outcome measures for long-term care operators and payers.

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About Arbor Company

The Arbor Company is an Atlanta-based operator of more than 45 independent living, assisted living, and dementia care communities, serving seniors in 11 states. With more than 30 years of dedication and experience, The Arbor Company strives to deliver the highest quality care and service to residents and their families. The Arbor Company has been designated a Great Place to Work and is listed on the Fortune Best Workplaces for Aging Services list.

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