Management Team

Linda Buscemi, PhD, Co-founder, Chief Clinical Officer

Linda Buscemi, PhD, Co-founder, Chief Clinical Officer. Dr. Buscemi is a licensed behavioral health specialist and subject-matter expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia, who has operated a successful solo practice (Geriatric Institute) since 2011. She has over 20 years in behavior management and caregiver training and has spent the last nine years perfecting her proprietary method of tailored interventions leading to reduced behaviors, less psychotropic medications and fewer hospitalizations. Her healthcare experience spans across insurance payer, physician provider and on-site consultant specialist. Dr. Buscemi has hosted radio, podcast and recently published her first book, Innatious, An Innovative Tool to Strengthen Your Emotional IQ and Improve the Quality of any Relationship through her company ProjectYou by Doc B. She is leading algorithm development and overseeing the user-experience of training modules.