Ella for your caregivers

Ella provides you personalized interventions

We bring this technology to caregivers through an easy-to-use app. Emulating the approach of behavioral science through a proprietary AI engine that analyzes patient profiles to predict the proper person-centered interventions, Ella decreases problematic episodes, helps avoid unnecessary medications, and reduces costs by preventing and de-escalating “reactive behaviors.”

Ella is here to give the best personalized care to your patients. In four simple steps, the AI engine selects the best-suited intervention according to the patient’s profile.

When adverse behaviors are deescalated and prevented due to Ella’s interventions:

  • Caregivers productivity, satisfaction and engagement is improved.
  • New staff members come up to speed quickly.
  • Information exchange during shift changes is seamless.
  • Weekend staff is more productive.
  • Allows for flexibility by management to adjust caregiver placement.
  • Caregivers are motivated to improve and participate in Ella’s education center.
  • Bed revenue is preserved and vacancy rate is reduced.

Education Center

Training materials are conveniently integrated into the work day. Information is offered to enhance and develop caregiver skills and know-how as well as providing self-help tips to support their well-being.

The education center on Ella is our way of helping caregivers go the extra mile.

Want to improve care for your dementia residents/clients?